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request a quote form download a brochure

At BGM we provide the flexibility you need for your manufacturing requirements.

Our versatile team is ready to help you get your products to market. Whether you need machined components, complex welding, or complete assemblies, BGM has the skill, ability and integration to provide turnkey solutions for our clients.

With our in-house engineering capabilities and years of manufacturing experience, we are the preferred choice for quality work and timely deliveries.

Our clients have been able to take advantage of our "Build to Print" program and services which reduce cost and delivery times with our integrated engineering support services. We help guide the engineering and design process for our clients which results in manufacturing efficiencies.

Our team is experienced in providing a quality product on time and on budget.

We provide 24 hour emergency service for our regular customers.

Toll free: 855-634-2094

Local: 613-634-2094

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